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The Burning Question - Which Logs To Burn?

As the weather turns we thought this week’s blog should be all about which wood to burn on your fire or wood burning stove. Knowing what logs to use…

The Burning Question - Which Logs To Burn?

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Fire Lighting Tips - How To Light The Perfect Fire

One of my early childhood memories was “setting” the fire ready for the weekend with my Grandma. As the weather is starting to show signs of turning we thought…

Fire Lighting Tips - How To Light The Perfect Fire

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Grill2Go - The Perfect Portable Bbq

Hi everyone, well the Summer feels like it is finally here and at London Gases we have just the item you need for those impromptu BBQs in the park.…

Grill2Go - The Perfect Portable BBQ

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Using Solid Fuels In A Smoke-Controlled Area

Hello all, as I’m sure you are aware London is governed by ‘The Clean Air Acts of 1956 and 1968’ which were acts introduced to England in the 1950s…

Using Solid Fuels In A Smoke-controlled Area

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Disconnecting A Propane Gas Bottle

When you’re ready to change your propane cylinder, just follow the following steps for a safe and secure process:

  1. Turn the valve hand wheel off (clockwise…
Disconnecting a Propane Gas Bottle

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Home Fires - Safety Tips

Everyone loves the sound and smell of a real fire. If you follow these top tips for fire safety you can be sure you’ll be safe too.


Home Fires - Safety Tips

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London Coal Merchant Status

London Gases has achieved 'Approved Coal Merchant' status. The Approved Coal Merchant Scheme' is part of the Solid Fuel Association which is the official body representing the solid…

London Coal Merchant Status

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Tips For Using Butane Gas - Do's And Don't's

Whenever you use Butane, you need to take certain precautions to stay safe.


To prevent damage to the valve always treat your cylinder with care…

Tips for Using Butane Gas - Do's And Don't's

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Connecting Propane Gas Bottles

Connecting a Calor Propane Gas cylinder (27mm screw-in regulator)

Connecting your Calor gas propane cylinder is simple when you know how, but to help you, here is a…

Connecting Propane Gas Bottles

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Calor Gas Safety - Handling And Storage

Calor gas bottles, depending on their size and weight, can be heavy because they’re filled with pressurised gas. Therefore, the gas bottles need to be stored, handled, used…

Calor Gas Safety - Handling And Storage

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