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Which Is Best, Propane Or Butane Bbq?

Camping holidays are always popular, and there are a huge range of options in the UK for the keen camper, from the magnificent rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales…

Which Is Best, Propane Or Butane BBQ?

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Bbq Fruit Kebabs - Fruity Favourites On Your Bbq

Your gas BBQ doesn’t have to be all about burgers and sausages. You can also whip up some pretty tasty desserts with the help of your gas grill,…

BBQ Fruit Kebabs - Fruity Favourites on your BBQ

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Turn Spring Into Summer With A Gas Bbq

Spring: it's the season to enjoy the outside, picnics and walks, and maybe even the first barbecues of the year. The evenings are getting lighter and the sun is…

Turn Spring Into Summer With A Gas BBQ

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Get Grilling In The Parks Of London

Londoners are lucky to have a great selection of parks to visit, and with the warm summer weather looking like it’s finally ready to make an appearance, why not…

Get Grilling in the Parks of London

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Gas Bbq Cooking Tips

If you’re using a gas BBQ, there are three very distinct ways of cooking your food. The one you choose will probably depend on the type of food…

Gas BBQ Cooking Tips

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London Fields Bbq -Enjoy A Bbq This Summer

When a glorious weekend is forecast, thoughts turn towards outdoor enjoyment. While Londoners have a fantastic amount of green space to enjoy, there are not many places where it…

London Fields BBQ -Enjoy A Bbq This Summer

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Bbq Cleaning Tips - Three Things To Avoid

Once you’ve used your gas BBQ, you’re left with the less than pleasurable task of cleaning it up. It’s about as much fun as cleaning the oven, and…

BBQ Cleaning Tips - Three Things To Avoid

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Gas Cooking Reliability

Have you ever wondered why people exclaim "now we're cooking on gas" when things start going well and to plan? The performance difference between a traditional BBQ and a…

Gas Cooking Reliability

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Gas Bbq Safety Tips

Summer is coming, and you’re no doubt considering when to get the gas BBQ out. There’s plenty of advice on the internet about how to use your gas…

Gas BBQ Safety Tips

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A Party Isn't A Party Until You Add Helium Balloons

Be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary or retirement, no party is complete without balloons. Whether they are coloured, sparkly or numbered, or even spell out a name, seeing balloons…

A Party Isn't A Party Until You Add Helium Balloons

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