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Planning Your Fuel Supplies For The Autumn And Winter Months

As Autumn comes upon us and Winter draws in soon after then it is the ideal time to start planning out what fuel supplies you need to stay warm.…

Planning your fuel supplies for the Autumn and Winter months

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Camping Stove Safety Tips For Beginners

There’s still a few weeks of summer left, which is great news for anyone who wants to go camping before the weather turns cooler. If you're planning on going…

Camping stove safety tips for beginners

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Where To Use Gas Bbqs In London This Summer – Islington Edition

With the sun blazing and August almost upon us, it is officially summer time! As such, it’s time to break out the sausages, find some halloumi, gather your friends…

Where to use gas BBQs in London this summer – Islington edition

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Why Cooking On A Gas Bbq Is Better Than Charcoal

Every summer, in neighbourhoods across the UK, an important number of people like to soak up the sun whilst eating delights cooked on a barbecue.

However, most of…

Why cooking on a gas BBQ is better than charcoal

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Storing Your Gas Bottles Safely

Summer-time is when a lot of us like to go camping or have a barbeque in the back garden.

Whilst these are perfect opportunities to spend time with…

Storing your gas bottles safely

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Are You Ready For A Winter Bbq?

Al fresco dining has always been a summer staple. When the sun is shining, we can't help but congregate in gardens and parks to enjoy good food and great…

Are you ready for a winter BBQ?

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Using Gas Bbqs In The Autumn And Winter

While the summer seems to be continuing, and we are all looking forward to another stretch of hot and sunny weather in London, we all know that it will…

Using gas BBQs in the autumn and winter

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Safety Tips When Using Commercial Gas Equipment

Gas can be used for a number of purposes, including welding, heating, cutting, straightening or descaling. Commercial gas equipment is extremely versatile and portable, as well as being very…

Safety tips when using commercial gas equipment

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The Importance Of Coal Safety

With the British summer in full flow, many of us are spending more and more time outdoors. This naturally leads to a greater number of barbecues, so it is…

The importance of Coal Safety

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Three Accessories Every Gas User Should Own

Calor gas bottles have a huge variety of applications. They can be used to fuel camping stoves, cabinet heaters, patio heaters and many other gas burning appliances. Do you…

Three accessories every gas user should own

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