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Introducing Peat Fire Logs

Are you looking for an efficient, clean and cost-effective solid fuel with a low environmental impact? If so, you may wish to consider experimenting with peat. Peat is…

Introducing Peat Fire Logs

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Home Fuels After Brexit - London Fuel Energy Prices

The UK’s recent decision to exit the European Union has caused a great deal of economic turmoil and the value of the Great British Pound has been driven down…

Home Fuels After Brexit - London Fuel Energy Prices

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Gas Used In Balloons - Helium Gas Balloons

Helium is one of the many bottled gases we sell here at London Gases. Helium isn’t particularly useful as a fuel, because it’s non-flammable. However, it is wonderful…

Gas Used in Balloons - Helium Gas Balloons

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Kiln Dried Logs Vs Seasoned Logs - Which Is Right For You, Seasoned Or Kiln?

Here at London Gases, we sell both seasoned logs and kiln-dried logs. Both types of fuel are great for fireplaces, log-burning stoves and other solid-fuel heating systems. However,…

Kiln Dried Logs Vs Seasoned Logs - Which Is Right For You, Seasoned or Kiln?

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London Fields Bbq - Enjoy A Bbq This Summer

When a glorious weekend is forecast, thoughts turn towards outdoor enjoyment. While Londoners have a fantastic amount of green space to enjoy, there are not many places where it…

London Fields BBQ - Enjoy A BBQ This Summer

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Top Charcoal Bbq Tips

We love barbecues here at London Gases. They’re a great way to bring your passion for cooking into the open air while simultaneously socialising and relaxing with friends. That’s…

Top Charcoal BBQ Tips

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Metalwork - Welding Gasses For Metalwork

You probably associate welding with manufacturing and industrial processes. However, metalwork is an increasingly popular hobby for ordinary people and welding is an important part of it. Hobbyists and…

Metalwork - Welding Gasses For Metalwork

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Portable Gas Heaters For Caravance - The Traveler's Best Friend

Some people are simply born to travel: they invest in caravans, camper vans or large tents and set off on road trips or adventures. They don’t mind staying at…

Portable Gas Heaters for Caravance - the Traveler's Best Friend

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Which Is Best, Propane Or Butane For Bbq?

Camping holidays are always popular, and there are a huge range of options in the UK for the keen camper, from the magnificent rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales…

Which Is Best, Propane Or Butane For BBQ?

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Bbq Fruit Kebabs - Fruity Favourites On Your Bbq

Your gas BBQ doesn’t have to be all about burgers and sausages. You can also whip up some pretty tasty desserts with the help of your gas grill,…

BBQ Fruit Kebabs - Fruity Favourites on your BBQ

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