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The Importance Of Gas In Beer

If you own a pub, restaurant or bar, you shouldn't underestimate the importance of the gas you choose for your beer. In fact, gas should be seen like any…

The importance of gas in beer

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Taking The Hassle Out Of Making The Perfect Campfire

Camping is a truly wonderful hobby for anyone who needs to de-stress and escape their daily worries. It gives you the opportunity to get away from the hustle and…

Taking the hassle out of making the perfect campfire

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How To Use Gas Bottles While Camping

Summer is almost here and if you're planning your break, you might well be deciding on that school holiday camping trip with your family to explore the great outdoors.…

How to use gas bottles while camping

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Propane Or Butane: Which Is Right For You?

Bottled gas is one of the most convenient and versatile fuels available. It’s compact, making it easy to store and transport and it produces a great deal of thermal…

Propane or butane: which is right for you?

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Coffee Log Q & A

Nowadays, calor gas bottles, logs and coal aren’t the only home fuels on the market. A wide variety of alternative, highly-efficient fuels are now available. Of course, traditional, tried-and-tested…

Coffee log Q & A

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Tips For Using Your Gas Bbq

Now that the warmer weather is approaching London it’s time to throw those BBQ parties you have been missing. While these parties may be one of London’s favourite summer…

Tips for using your gas BBQ

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Fill Your London Wedding With Fun: Helium Gas Balloons

Why helium gas balloons?

Wedding costs can easily spiral out of control, but making your own decorations is a simple way to keep on budget. Any venue can…

Fill your London wedding with fun: helium gas balloons

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How To Eat Well Using Your Camping Gas Stove

Cooking outdoors is part of the fun of a camping trip. You will almost certainly take along a few of the old favourites like good old tins of beans,…

How to eat well using your camping gas stove

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Gas Friendly Campsites A Stone's Throw From London

If you live in London, sleeping out under the stars can seem like an impossible dream. It may surprise you to learn that a number of campsites lie within…

Gas friendly campsites a stone's throw from London

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Keeping Helium Under Control

Helium is used in several manufacturing processes within the aeronautics industry and as a specialised cooling agent in certain advanced coolant systems. However, most of us use this versatile…

Keeping helium under control

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