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What Do People Use Helium Gas For (Except Balloons)?

Growing up, most of us were introduced to helium gas at birthday parties in the form of lighter-than-air balloons.

However, helium isn’t just for party tricks -- it’s…

What do people use helium gas for (except balloons)?

Posted 09.02.22 Read More

Why Is My Wood Burner Going Out?

Wood burning stoves can provide plenty of warmth and a homely glow once your fire gets going. While rewarding, building a fire takes patience and practice. There’s nothing more…

Why is my wood burner going out?

Posted 27.01.22 Read More

Things To Consider When Starting A Fire

Many households in the UK still use traditional fireplaces to heat the home, using coal and logs to light them. Whilst a fireplace can be a great way to…

Things to consider when starting a fire

Posted 19.01.22 Read More

How To Store Your Gas Bottles During Winter

Winter is here, and gas is essential during the cold months. It can keep you warm and boost your morale, especially when you are feeling the winter blues. However,…

How to store your gas bottles during winter

Posted 06.01.22 Read More

What Is Nitro Coffee And Can You Use A Beer Gas To Make It?

Nitro coffee has gone high street and drive-thru in recent years with the launch of the cold brew, nitrogen-infused caffeine shot at the likes of Starbucks and Costa. If…

What is nitro coffee and can you use a beer gas to make it?

Posted 22.12.21 Read More

Looking For A Foolproof Way To Light Your Fire? Follow These 3 Tips

Anybody with a wood-burning stove or fireplace will know how annoying it is when the fire goes out quickly. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your…

Looking for a foolproof way to light your fire? Follow these 3 tips

Posted 03.02.22 Read More

The Top Three Tips To Remember When Using Gas Bottles

When using gas bottles, it's important that you are using them safely and correctly, so as to utilise them well and to prevent any injury. Listed below are several…

The top three tips to remember when using gas bottles

Posted 21.01.22 Read More

How To Use Gas Bottles Safely During The Winter Months

With the winter months drawing in, more and more people will be using calor gas bottles for heating purposes at home. Because of this, it's very important to make…

How to use gas bottles safely during the winter months

Posted 12.01.22 Read More

Using Gas Bottles When Camping

Camping is a popular way to spend your free time. It's become more popular recently due to the coronavirus pandemic, with more people choosing to stay at home for…

Using gas bottles when camping

Posted 30.12.21 Read More

Beer Gas – A Beginner’S Guide

When punters order a pint in their local pub, part of the pleasure is watching it pour perfectly from the tap into a fresh clean glass. While those who…

Beer gas – A beginner’s guide

Posted 14.12.21 Read More

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