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Why Use Hardwood Logs On Your Home Fire This Winter?

If you have a home fire, you will know how awesome they can be over winter. They not only give an effective way to heat the property but they…

Why use hardwood logs on your home fire this winter?

Posted 03.12.21 Read More

Why Use Ecoal Smokeless Coal In Your Fire This Winter?

Is there anything better than a roaring coal fire over winter? Whether it is warming up after being out in the cold or cuddling up for cosy nights, it…

Why use Ecoal smokeless coal in your fire this winter?

Posted 19.11.21 Read More

Home Brewed Beer: The Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas is quickly approaching, and with it comes the dreaded task of finding presents for everyone. However, if you have a relative who loves nothing more than a cool…

Home brewed beer: The perfect Christmas gift

Posted 05.11.21 Read More

Top 3 Winter Camping Tips For 2021

Camping is as popular now as it has ever been around the UK. While you might think it is mainly a summer activity, it is actually perfectly possible to…

Top 3 winter camping tips for 2021

Posted 22.10.21 Read More

3 Benefits Of Using Firelighters

When it comes to staying warm and cosy over autumn/winter, there is nothing quite like a real fire. They make any home more inviting after a rain-soaked commute home…

3 benefits of using firelighters

Posted 05.10.21 Read More

Air-Dried Versus Kiln-Dried Logs: What's The Difference?

Burning wood directly from the tree is, generally speaking, a bad idea. Freshly cut logs – also called “green” logs – have a high moisture content, which prevents them…

Air-dried versus kiln-dried logs: What's the difference?

Posted 26.11.21 Read More

Winter Safety Tips For Coal Fire Users

When winter rolls around, nothing beats the cosiness of an open fire in your home. Coal is among the most commonly used home fuels. Offering exceptional value for money,…

Winter safety tips for coal fire users

Posted 12.11.21 Read More

3 Ways To Embrace Winter Barbeques

Barbeques are commonly associated with spring and summer, but are just as much fun when the cold creeps in. Winter offers a unique setting for outdoor cooking, so in…

3 ways to embrace winter barbeques

Posted 29.10.21 Read More

What Wood Is Perfect For Autumn Outdoor Fires?

Gathering around a chiminea or firepit with your friends or family is a perfect way to stave off the chills on crisp autumn afternoons and evenings. Whether you’re taking…

What wood is perfect for autumn outdoor fires?

Posted 15.10.21 Read More

Tips For Autumn Camping

Many people think that camping is just for the summer. However, this isn't necessarily true - plenty of people go camping in the Autumn (and even winter) too!

Tips for autumn camping

Posted 24.09.21 Read More

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