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Surviving Power Cuts With Bottled Gas

Power cuts can occur for a wide variety of reasons. For example, storms can damage overhead power lines or power plants can fail to meet demand, thereby triggering black-outs…

Surviving power cuts with bottled gas

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Going Camping This Summer? Tips For Transporting Cylinders Safely

You've got your pitch booked on that great little farm or down by the sea, you've checked your camping gear and you've bought gas bottles in London as the…

Going camping this summer? Tips for transporting cylinders safely

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The Benefits Of Getting Your Fuel Delivered

Whether it's loo roll or olive oil, running out of essential items is always frustrating; you have to spend your valuable time and effort on leaving the house for…

The benefits of getting your fuel delivered

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Solid Fuel Versus Bottled Gas

If you don’t want to rely on conventional energy suppliers to heat your home or cook your meals, you should invest in either bottled gas or a solid fuel…

Solid fuel versus bottled gas

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Why You Should Consider Getting A Wood Burning Stove

Traditional fireplaces and wood burning stoves throughout history have been the heart of the home, providing heat for cooking, water, household chores and comfort during the cold winter months.…

Why you should consider getting a wood burning stove

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The Benefits Of Cooking With Gas

If you're a fan of Masterchef, you may well suffer from gas range envy. There's no doubt that the efficiency, ease of use and industrial style of a big…

The benefits of cooking with gas

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Can I Bbq In A Public Place?

With the great British summertime just around the corner, it's only natural that our minds turn to barbecues - from sausage sandwiches to pulled pork and even toasted marshmallows,…

Can I BBQ in a public place?

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Why The Trend For Corporate Bbqs Is “Exploding”

London companies are realising that they don’t have to “walk over hot coals” to keep staff and clients happy at corporate dos. Gathering them together for an upmarket BBQ…

Why the trend for corporate BBQs is “exploding”

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Three Gas-Fuelled Devices Campers Must Have

In a recent blog post, we discussed the best bottled gas fuel options for campers. However, if you’re truly enthusiastic about camping, it’s important to make sure you have…

Three gas-fuelled devices campers must have

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The Best Ecological Options For Solid Fuel Users

At London Gases, we aim to provide the widest possible variety of fuels. You are probably already aware that we sell a comprehensive range of gas fuels (including Calor…

The best ecological options for solid fuel users

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