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What Type Of Gas Should You Choose When Camping And Why?

Summer is fast approaching and that means more chance to get into the great outdoors for a long weekend or family holiday. Many camping and caravanning heaters and cookers…

What type of gas should you choose when camping and why?

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Master The Art Of Cooking With Gas

Cooking on a gas barbeque or grill can be a lot of fun, provided you do it correctly. In a recent blog post, we listed some of the most…

Master the art of cooking with gas

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What Is Best For Your Bbq - Charcoal Or Gas?

If we mention BBQ, you’ll probably think of the smell of hot charcoal, clouds of smoke and food that’s crispy on the outside and delicious on the inside. Summer…

What Is Best For Your BBQ - Charcoal or Gas?

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Staying Safe With Helium

Helium gas is one of the safest types of bottled gas that you can buy. However, that doesn’t mean you should treat it carelessly. Whether you plan on…

Staying safe with helium

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Gas Bbq Cooking Tips

Whether you’re having a BBQ at home or you’re venturing further afield in London, there are lots of great tips for barbecue cooking. Gas BBQs are actually more…

Gas BBQ Cooking Tips

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Investing In The Right Number Of Gas Bottles

If you use bottled gas to heat your home, it’s important to know how much you need to keep in storage. Whether you use standard Calor gas bottles or…

Investing in the right number of gas bottles

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5 Quick Steps To Setting Up Your Own Bar

BBQ season is coming, and what doesn't make a glorious sunny day better than a couple of ice cold beers and good company? This summer you don't have to…

5 quick steps to setting up your own bar

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Why Did My Bbq Go Wrong? - Most Common Mistakes

Nothing heralds the beginning of summer like the first barbecue of the season. Knowing when the first of the perfect barbecue weather is going to arrive is almost impossible…

Why Did My BBQ Go Wrong? - Most Common Mistakes

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Gas Bbq Hacks

We all love a BBQ when the sun shines, but your gas grill can be incredibly versatile all year round. Here are our 5 great hacks for your…

Gas BBQ Hacks

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Multi Fuel Stove - A Beginners Guide

It’s almost universal, everyone loves a real fire. You might be lucky enough to have one in your own home, or you may choose your holiday cottages based on…

Multi Fuel Stove - A Beginners Guide

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