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Camping During Spring: 3 Pieces Of Kit Everyone Should Pack

Winter is tough on anyone who enjoys camping! While you can still head out and make the most of it, getting wet or muddy is not always the best…

Camping during Spring: 3 pieces of kit everyone should pack

Posted 31.03.20 Read More

4 Top Tips For Storing Your Bbq Gas Cylinders Safely

It’s that time of the year to get your barbecue gear out of the shed and set it up for the spring and summer months. It’s also that time…

4 top tips for storing your BBQ gas cylinders safely

Posted 17.03.20 Read More

Government To Phase Out The Sales Of “Wet” Wood & Traditional House Coal

London Gases welcomes the Government’s decision to phase out the sales of “wet” wood and traditional house coal in England.

Last week the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs…

Government to phase out the sales of “wet” wood & traditional house coal

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What To Consider When Selecting Camping Gas

Camping is a great and affordable way to bond with friends and family. Being out and about in the outdoors also helps you feel closer to nature, but if…

What to consider when selecting camping gas

Posted 28.02.20 Read More

Go Camping With Your Gas Bottle This Winter!

As the winter progresses betraying no signs of waning anytime soon, we are challenged with finding new ways of combating the pervasive chill and general dullness of things around.…

Go camping with your gas bottle this winter!

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4 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Bbq Gas Grill

There’s nothing more satisfying than cooking your meats and vegetables on a BBQ gas grill. You may, however, end up sabotaging your meal if you don’t know or don't…

4 common mistakes to avoid when using a BBQ gas grill

Posted 24.03.20 Read More

6 Simple Steps To Change Your Gas Cylinder Safely

Unlike coal, gas cylinders have to be replaced each time the ones you're using run empty. Other common reasons for wanting to change your cylinder are that it's damaged,…

6 simple steps to change your gas cylinder safely

Posted 13.03.20 Read More

Firepit Guide: Buying Or Building

If your mind is already turning to garden improvement projects and making the most of outdoor living this Spring, you could well be considering a firepit.

These are…

Firepit guide: buying or building

Posted 03.03.20 Read More

3 Top Tips For Keeping Your Log Stove/fire Burning For Longer

There's nothing quite like a log fire or a log stove - the open flame, the crackling embers, and the pure warmth, you just can't find anything better. Few…

3 top tips for keeping your log stove/fire burning for longer

Posted 14.02.20 Read More

Ways To Beat The Winter Blues In January

With the excitement of Christmas over and done with and January on the horizon, make sure you have lots of things to look forward to, which will help keep…

Ways to beat the winter blues in January

Posted 02.01.20 Read More

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