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Four Tips For Transporting Gas Bottles Safely

We’ve mentioned in several previous blog entries that Calor gas bottles are ideal for campers and other travellers. Because they are highly efficient and compact, users only need to…

Four tips for transporting gas bottles safely

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Do You Need A Gas-Fuelled Patio Heater?

Gas fuelled patio heaters can be incredibly useful devices: they enable their users to enjoy time outdoors, even when the weather turns cold. What’s more, they don’t need to…

Do you need a gas-fuelled patio heater?

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Staying Safe With Gas-Burning Devices

Devices that burn bottled gas are convenient and easy to use. Because they aren’t dependent on mains gas or power supplies, they can be used practically anywhere at any…

Staying safe with gas-burning devices

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How To - The Safe Way To Burn Coal At Home

London homeowners are now embracing the many benefits of the coal fire. This is because of rising fuel costs, open plan homes that are increasingly difficult to heat, the…

How To - The Safe Way To Burn Coal At Home

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3 Common Beer Gases For Home Draft Brewing

If you’re getting into brewing draft beer at home, and have recently come across the subject of beer gas, you may be a little confused looking at the different…

3 common beer gases for home draft brewing

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Emergency Fuels - Which Fuel Is Right For Emergencies?

Power cuts and other emergencies can leave your home without lights or heating. Obviously, this can be a serious problem, particularly at night and during periods of cold weather.…

Emergency Fuels - Which Fuel Is Right For Emergencies?

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Choosing Between Gases And Solid Fuels

There are two distinct categories of home fuel - solid fuels and gases. Each category has its own unique advantages and drawbacks. If you are currently trying to decide…

Choosing between gases and solid fuels

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Why You Should Add A Fireplace To Your London Home

Fireplaces are hugely desirable and they will add value to your London home as well as making your stay there far more pleasant and enjoyable. There are tonnes of…

Why you should add a fireplace to your London home

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The Benefits Of Gas In A Campervan

One of the joys of owning a campervan in London is the ability to get away from the big city without having to worry about campsites and electric hook-ups.…

The benefits of gas in a campervan

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How Best To Use Your Logs Both Inside And Out

In recent years more and more people have been looking at logs for a variety of purposes, these could include a cost-effective option for heating homes, entertaining guests outside…

How best to use your logs both inside and out

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