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How To Get The Most From Your Wood Burner

If you are new to wood burners, you may find your stove isn’t always working at maximum efficiency, and this could be causing you to spend more money to…

How to get the most from your wood burner

Posted 30.10.20 Read More

Fire Pits, Pizza Parties And Mulled Wine: Make The Most Of Your Garden This Winter

Winter often conjures up images of cosy cottage kitchens and chimney smoke twisting up into a snowy night’s sky. For many of us, this unfortunately isn’t reality. Winter means…

Fire pits, pizza parties and mulled wine: make the most of your garden this winter

Posted 19.10.20 Read More

Using A Log Burning Stove This Autumn/winter? 3 Safety Tips To Follow

One of the best things about the autumn and winter is getting cosy inside with a warm, toasty fire. Not only will a real fire keep colder chills at…

Using a log burning stove this autumn/winter? 3 safety tips to follow

Posted 08.10.20 Read More

4 Tips To Prepare Your Log Burner For Winter

With summer coming to a close and the days starting to get shorter again, it won't be long until a roaring log fire accompanied by a rubbish movie and…

4 tips to prepare your log burner for winter

Posted 17.09.20 Read More

The Benefits Of A Gas Powered Fire Pit

Fire pits are becoming more popular with homeowners who want to spend a bit more time outdoors when the temperatures begin dropping, and they are also an excellent focal…

The benefits of a gas powered fire pit

Posted 01.09.20 Read More

Halloween At Home: What Do You Need To Make It Awesome?

Halloween in 2020 could look a bit different than usual, with large parties or groups of children Trick or Treating given the year off. That does not mean you…

Halloween at home: What do you need to make it awesome?

Posted 23.10.20 Read More

3 Tips To Get Your Coal Fireplace Ready To Use When Winter Comes

There is nothing quite like a cosy, open coal fire to light up those long winter nights. With Winter now only a matter of weeks away, many people with…

3 tips to get your coal fireplace ready to use when Winter comes

Posted 14.10.20 Read More

Autumn/winter Camping Essentials: What Do You Need To Take With You?

Camping is something that grows in popularity around the UK with each passing year. While many think that it is mainly a summer activity, it is great fun to…

Autumn/winter camping essentials: what do you need to take with you?

Posted 28.09.20 Read More

How To Make The Most Of Your Calor Gas This Autumn/winter

Whether you’re heating your home or are the sort of person who is happy to go caravanning even when temperatures take a bit of a dip, the last thing…

How to make the most of your Calor gas this autumn/winter

Posted 07.09.20 Read More

Pass The Smores: How To Make This Delicious Campfire Treat

No camping trip is complete without roasting marshmallows over a roaring campfire. This can be taken one step further thanks to our intrepid friends in America who came up…

Pass the smores: How to make this delicious campfire treat

Posted 25.08.20 Read More

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