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Calor Gas Guidance

How much is the cylinder hire charge?

For most cylinders it is £39.99 (inc. VAT)


If I return my Calor cylinder do I get the cylinder hire charge back?

As long as you keep your receipt (proof of purchase) and are able to show the receipt to the driver on collection of the cylinder you will get a proportion of the cylinder hire charge back. The proportion refunded is based on the number of years you have had the cylinder. Please note that refunds are not returned by the drivers. The office will contact you within 2 working days to arrange your refund. Please see the table below.

Number of years since initial hire of cylinder. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 + 7 yrs
Percentage of cylinder hire charge refunded 70% 60% 50% 45% 40% 35% 30% 25%


How can I monitor how much gas is left in a cylinder?

Calor’s 5kg and 13kg Patio Gas cylinders are fitted with Calor's new Gas Trac - an indicator which tells you when you are running low on gas. For all other cylinders, the empty tare weight can be found on a metal disc on the shroud, this gives the weight of the cylinder in pounds and ounces. To convert this to kilograms multiply this number by 0.453592. Once you have the empty weight of the cylinder you weigh the full cylinder on scales, then subtract the empty weight from the cylinder weight. This will give you the weight of gas left in the cylinder, which can then be compared with a full cylinder, e.g. 13kg.

Cylinder Hire Charge

If I don't have a Calor Gas cylinder do I need to pay a cylinder hire charge?

Yes, you will need to pay a cylinder hire charge which covers the cost and maintenance of the Calor cylinder.


I have ordered the wrong Calor cylinder, will you exchange it for me?

Yes, we can swap it but as we are making two journeys to your address, we will need to charge you an £9.95 delivery charge.


What is the empty weight of cylinders?

All bottles will vary depending on their size, etc. The weight written on the metal disc on the shroud is the weight of the empty cylinder.


What are the dimensions of cylinders?

Cylinder Type/Size Height Diameter
Butane 4.5kg 340 mm 240 mm
Butane 6kg BBQ Gas 314 mm 306 mm
Butane 7kg 495 mm 256 mm
Butane 15kg 580 mm 318 mm
Propane 3.9kg 340 mm 240 mm
Propane 5kg Patio Gas 314 mm 306 mm
Propane 6kg 495 mm. 256 mm
Propane 13kg Patio Gas 580 mm 315 mm
Propane 13kg 580 mm 315 mm
Propane 19kg 800 mm 315 mm
Propane 47kg and 50kg 1290 mm 375 mm


How full is a Calor gas cylinder in a full condition, in percentage terms?

All cylinders are 80-87% full as space needs to be left for the expansion of liquid. The weight on the front of the cylinder is the total weight of gas in the bottle.


Disposal and Return

I have inherited unwanted empty Calor cylinders, and I would like to know how to dispose of them, would you be able to arrange their removal?

Yes we are able to collect empty Calor cylinders. Please call us on 020 8807 4633. There is a small £9.95 collection charge which we can process after you contact us. Please note, the cylinder has to be a 'Calor' cylinder and not a different make, such as FloGas, BP or Shell Gas. If you do order a collection and it is not a Calor cylinder we will have to retain the collection charge.


I have an empty cylinder which I no longer need and do not have the cylinder receipt of purchase; does that mean that I am unable to claim any available refund?

Unfortunately yes, although we are happy to take the Calor cylinder back for the nominal charge of £9.95.


Other Info

I would like to exchange my cylinder for a different size, can I do this?

Please check with us. Some cylinders are interchangeable but others are not. Please phone or email to find out.


I have purchased a Calor cylinder and want to know if I should have received a regulator with it, or do I have to buy one separately?

No, regulators are usually supplied with the appliance. Alternatively you can purchase one on our website.


Do cylinders come delivered to me sealed? How are they sealed?

Yes, they are sealed until connection is made with your appliance.


Taking cylinders abroad/availability of Calor abroad?

You can take standard Calor cylinders abroad but you will not be able to purchase them outside of the UK. Campingaz cylinders are available abroad.