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Cellar Gas Guidance

Deposit Charge

If I don't have London Beer Gas cylinders do I need to pay a deposit ?

Yes, you may need to pay a deposit which covers the cost and maintenance of the beer gas cylinder.

What is the cost of the deposit charge ?

For most cylinders it is £60.00 plus VAT

If I return my beer gas cylinder do I get the deposit back ?

As long as you keep your receipt (proof of purchase) and are able to show the receipt to the driver on collection of the cylinder you will get a proportion of the deposit charge back. The proportion refunded is based on the number of years you have had the cylinder. Please note that refunds are not returned by the drivers. The office will contact you within 2 working days to arrange your refund. Please see the table below.

Number of years since initial hire of cylinder.






Percentage of deposit charge refunded







How much of the deposit will be refunded if I return my cylinders within 30 days ?

You will have 100% of the deposit charge refunded minus an administration charge of £10 per cylinder. Please note that cylinder rental charges may still apply. Please see below.

Note: Beer gas cylinders always remain the property of London Beer Gas Ltd.

Cylinder Rental Charge

Do I have to pay rental even though I have paid a deposit ?

Yes, the deposit and cylinder rental are completely different charges.

How much is the beer gas cylinder rental charge ?

The rental charge can vary but is typically £2:00 per cylinder per month.
This charge applies to all cylinders, full or empty, held by you on the last day of the month.
Cylinder rental charges can in some cases be deducted from the cylinder hire charge.

Note: Beer gas cylinders always remain the property of London Beer Gas Ltd