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Helium Gas Guidance

Helium Gas Guidance

Cylinder and Filling Valve Deposit

If I don't have London Beer Gas Helium cylinders or filling valves, do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, you will need to pay a helium cylinder and filling valve deposit to ensure that the cylinder and filling valve are returned to London Beer Gas promptly and in good condition.


How much is the cylinder and filling valve deposit?

For all helium cylinders it is £100.00 (incl. VAT)


Do I have to pay cylinder rental even though I have paid a cylinder and filling valve deposit?

If you return the cylinder within 7 days you will not have to pay cylinder rental. If you require the helium cylinder for more than 7 days, cylinder rental will be charged. Please see below.


If I return my helium cylinder and filling valve do I get the deposit back?

Yes, provided you return both the cylinder and valve in good condition and on time. If the cylinder or filling valve is returned damaged, then a deduction will be made. If the cylinder or valve is not returned then no refund will be made. 
Please note that refunds are not returned by the drivers. The office will contact you within 2 working days to arrange your refund.

Note: Helium cylinders always remain the property of London Beer Gas Ltd


Helium Cylinder Rental Info

How long can I keep the helium cylinder?

The disposable helium cylinders (Balloon Time) are yours to keep. We do not collect these cylinders.

You can keep the Helium (L range) cylinders for as long as you like. Rental of the cylinder is free for the first 7 days. If you want to keep the helium (L range) cylinder for longer, there is a cylinder rental charge.


How much is the helium cylinder rental charge?

The rental charges are as follows :

Cylinder size Rental per month
L10 £ 4.00
L20 £ 5.00
L50 £ 7.50

All rental charges are plus VAT


How do I organise collection of the L range of helium cylinders?

At time of order a collection date for the cylinder and inflator valve will be organised and rental charges will be calculated. Any cylinders that are unable to be collected or are not returned within the agreed period will incur a charge to cover the replacement of the cylinder and helium inflator valve.


Helium Inflator Valve Info

Do I get an inflator valve with my helium cylinder ?

The disposable cylinders come complete with an inflator valve. For the L range helium cylinders you get an inflator valve free of charge for the first week. If you wish to keep the valve for longer, there is a £6 per week rental charge. If you anticipate needing it for longer than 2-3 weeks, we recommend that you buy your own inflator valve. See Helium page.


How do I attach the inflator valve to the “L” range of Helium cylinders?

1. Take off the plastic cap or remove tape from the cylinder valve.
2. Screw the balloon filling adaptor firmly onto the cylinder valve outlet. The adaptor is designed to be screwed tight by hand (not by spanner)
3. Open the cylinder valve by turning the hand-operated valve slowly anticlockwise.
4. Put the neck of the balloon over the rubber nozzle, hold the balloon firmly, gently bend the rubber nozzle downwards to inflate balloon and release when desired size is reached.
5. Close the cylinder valve when balloon filling is completed by turning hand wheel clockwise. Then purge remaining pressure from the adaptor by bending rubber nozzle or pushing cone as stated above.
6. Unscrew the adaptor and return it with the cylinder.
N.B. If gas leaks from any part of equipment, do not attempt to rectify the fault, but inform London Beer Gas.


Disposable Helium Cylinders

What do I do with the empty disposable helium cylinder ?

Balloon Time tanks are fully recyclable. After removing the easy-fill nozzle from the empty cylinder, take the tank to your local council recycling centre or place with your household recycling. Instructions for preparing the cylinder for disposal or recycling are located on the Balloon Time package and helium tank


Can I get the disposable helium cylinder refilled?

Balloon Time tanks cannot be refilled. These tanks are designed to be non-refillable. This design provides consumers with the convenience of being lightweight and easy to handle. Do not attempt to refill. Attempting to refill can cause injury or death.


How do I use the disposable helium cylinder?

1. Pull tear strip and flip open box top. FOR BEST RESULTS, FILL BALLOONS 1-2 HOURS PRIOR TO EVENT.
3. Slip balloon neck onto black nozzle until neck fits tightly around nozzle.
4. Hold balloon neck firmly between thumb and forefinger at the widest part of the nozzle. Press nozzle down gently to inflate. 
5. Fill balloon to desired size.
6. Release thumb pressure on nozzle to stop inflation.
7. Pinch balloon tightly at base of balloon neck and remove from nozzle. 
8. To assure maximum float time, tie a TIGHT knot in the neck of the balloon and attach ribbon of desired length BELOW the knot.
9. When finished inflating balloon, close valve tightly by turning green handle clockwise and store tank in the box. If no helium remains, see disposal instructions on back of package.


Balloon Float Times?

How long do Helium inflated Latex balloons last?

Latex balloons have a float time of approximately 5 - 7 hours.


How long do Helium inflated Foil balloons last?

Foil balloons have a float time of approximately 4 days.


How many balloons can I inflate with the cylinder I have bought?

That will depend on the cylinder size and the size and shape of balloon you have. Please refer to the chart on the helium page for approximate number of balloons each cylinder will inflate.