What Colour Is Your Bottle?

Calor gas comes in three different bottle types and are usually identifiable by the bottle colour, we stock new and refills in all sizes and types available, if you are unsure what bottle type you need please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Choosing Calor Gas FAQs

Calor’s 5kg and 13kg Patio Gas cylinders are fitted with Calor’s new Gas Trac – an indicator which tells you when you are running low on gas.
For all other cylinders, the empty tare weight can be found on a metal disc on the shroud, this gives the weight of the cylinder in pounds and ounces. To convert this to kilograms multiply this number by 0.453592. Once you have the empty weight of the cylinder you weigh the full cylinder on scales, then subtract the empty weight from the cylinder weight. This will give you the weight of gas left in the cylinder, which can then be compared with a full cylinder, e.g. 13kg.

All cylinders are 80-87% full as space needs to be left for the expansion of liquid. The weight on the front of the cylinder is the total weight of gas in the bottle.

Unfortunately, yes, although we are happy to take the Calor cylinder back.

Yes, we are able to collect empty Calor cylinders. Please call us on 020 8807 4633 to find out when we are next in your area.

Yes, we can swap it but as we are making two journeys to your address, we will need to charge you an £9.95 delivery charge.

Yes, you will need to pay a cylinder hire charge which covers the cost and maintenance of the Calor cylinder.

Cylinder Type/SizeHeightDiameter
Butane 4.5kg340mm240mm
Butane 6KG BBQ Gas314mm306mm
Butane 7kg495mm256mm
Butane 15kg580mm318mm
Propane 3.9kg340mm240mm
propane 5kg Patio Gas314mm306mm
Propane 6kg495mm256mm
Propane 13kg Patio Gas580mm315mm
Propane 13kg580mm315mm
Propane 19kg800mm315mm
Propane 47 and 50kg1290mm375mm

All bottles will vary depending on their size, etc. The weight written on the metal disc on the shroud is the weight of the empty cylinder.