Refillable Cylinders

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  • Brown Helium cylinder
    Helium L10

    Helium L10 cylinder contains 10 litres of Helium.

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  • Brown Helium cylinder
    Helium L20

    Helium L20 cylinder contains 20 litres of Helium. 

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  • Brown Helium cylinder
    Helium L50

    Helium L50 cylinder contains 50 litres of Helium.

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  • London Gases
    Empty Cylinder Collection

    If you have cylinders you would like taken away, we offer a cylinder collection service for £11.95. See the Product Description below for cylinders we can collect.

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Our ‘L’ range of refillable cylinders are perfect for any large event, such as a wedding or large party, needing helium balloons. Our refillable cylider prices include 1 week free rental of the balloon inflator valve. Short or long term rentals are available for our refillable cylinders. Call us on 020 8807 4633 for more details.