Gas Safety Instructions

We take the safety of our customers and whoever may come into contact with our products very seriously. We recommend that you always follow the gas safety instructions.

Calor Gas Cylinder Safety Information

Basic Rules

Storage of LPG in Commercial and Industrial Premises

            LPG cylinders should be segregated from flammable liquids, combustible, oxidising, corrosive, toxic materials & compressed gas cylinders

Basic Procedure in case of a Fire

Leaking of LPG without Fire

First Aid Information

Helium Gas Cylinders

High Pressure Gases and Liquefied-Compressed Gases (LPG)

(Drinks Dispense gas, Calor Gas, Helium and Hobbyweld gas cylinders)

The following general practices are recommended for the safe handling and storage of high pressure gaseous and liquefied-compressed gases in transportable containers.

Handling and Use