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  • 47kg Propane Gas

    The 47kg Calor propane gas cylinder is perfect for industrial and commercial use.

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  • 19kg propane gas
    19kg Propane Gas

    The Calor 19kg propane gas cylinder is perfect for commercial heating and catering.

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  • 13kg propane gas
    13kg Propane Gas

    The Calor 13kg propane gas cylinder is ideal for narrow boats, catering vans and also commercial use.

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  • 6kg propane gas cylinder
    6kg Propane Gas

    The Calor 6Kg propane gas cylinder is ideal for heating and cooking.

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  • 39kg propane gas cylinder
    3.9kg Propane Gas

    The Calor 3.9kg propane gas cylinder has a wide range of domestic and light industrial uses.

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  • Collection of Calor Gas Cylinders
    Empty Calor Cylinder Collection

    If you have “Calor” cylinders you would like taken away, we offer a cylinder collection service for £11.95. They must be “Calor” branded cylinders and not Flogas, BP or other brands.

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Propane gas is clean, versatile, and is available in a variety of sizes including Patio Gas cylinders, and the new 6kg lite cylinder which is ideal for touring caravans.

Propane gas emits greater heat than butane due to its higher pressure and is ideal for many uses including BBQs, patio heaters, space heating, catering, welding, greenhouse heating, caravans and for boat applications.

Order your Calor propane gas bottle online for free delivery to most London postcodes.