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  • Proper Wood Hardwood Logs
    Proper Wood Hardwood Logs

    Perfectly sized logs for small & large appliances, stoves, open fires, pizza ovens and fire pits.

    The logs light easily, with a good flame and little smoke. Sold in approx 7kg-10kg bags

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  • 3Kg Kindling bag
    3Kg Kindling

    Approximately 2-3KG bag of Kindling to get your fires started!

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  • Seasoned Hardwood Logs 125kg
    Hardwood Logs

    Pre-seasoned, long-burning hardwood logs in tidy netted bags.

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  • Kiln Dried hardwood Logs
    Kiln Dried Logs

    Long-burning hardwood logs in clean, easy to handle 5-10kg bags.

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  • Selling Fast
    Bag of Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs
    Midi Bag Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

    Long-burning kiln dried hardwood logs in large, easy to handle 18-22kg bags.

    Equivalent to approximately 3 bags of our regular kiln dried logs.

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Logs for sale by London Gases.

We deliver seasoned hardwood logs and kiln-dried, hardwood logs in tidy bags and nets to anywhere in London. We also sell smokeless fuels and briquettes which can be used alongside logs to create a hotter fire.

All our logs for sale are from responsibly managed woodland in the UK and they meet our strict standards for moisture content, sap removal, size, species and country of origin.

We offer free delivery within London over £50. Order your logs online today for free delivery in London.