Solid Fuels

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  • Proper Wood Hardwood Logs
    Proper Wood Hardwood Logs

    Perfectly sized logs for small & large appliances, stoves, open fires, pizza ovens and fire pits.

    The logs light easily, with a good flame and little smoke. Sold in approx 7kg-10kg bags

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  • Warma T Lite Natural Firelighters
    Warma T-Lite Natural Firelighter

    The T-Lite Natural firelighter is the new tea bag inspired firestarter, perfect for lighting all stoves, pizza ovens, fire pits and BBQs. Box of 20 firelighters

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  • 3Kg Kindling bag
    3Kg Kindling

    Approximately 2-3KG bag of Kindling to get your fires started!

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  • BBQ Charcoal

    Premium quality, restaurant grade lumpwood coal perfect for BBQs.

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  • Eco
    Coffee Husk Logs

    Recycled coffee fire logs – produced 100% from recycled coffee husks, each log is lowering emissions and cutting waste. 7kg bag containing 12 eco briquettes 280mm x 400mm x 140mmsage per briquette carbon neutral Burn time is 1 hour per log Burns longer, hotter and cleaner than other fuels Manufactured in the UK Zero waste

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  • Eco
    Eco Fire Briquettes

    High-density environmentally friendly wood briquettes.

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  • Quickfire firelighters pack

    Solid Firelighter blocks that are fast & reliable for logs, coal, smokeless fuel

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  • Seasoned Hardwood Logs 125kg
    Hardwood Logs

    Pre-seasoned, long-burning hardwood logs in tidy netted bags.

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  • Homefire Smokeless coal - 10kg bag
    Homefire Smokeless – 10kg

    The best smokeless fuel available.

    *Please note packaging of the Homefire this year is a plain bag.

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  • Kiln Dried hardwood Logs
    Kiln Dried Logs

    Long-burning hardwood logs in clean, easy to handle 5-10kg bags.

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We supply a range of pre-packed coal and logs for multi-fuel stoves, wood-burning stoves, traditional fires and chimineas.

All our coal and logs meet the requirements for smokeless fuels in built up areas and come in sizes that are easy to carry, stack and store.

We only stock high-quality, cheap coal and logs that meet our strict standards and the exacting requirements of our customers. These include hardwood logs, softwood logs and kiln dried logs. As well as smokeless coal and charcoal.

We deliver coal and logs throughout London and the surrounding area with free next day delivery on coal and log orders over £50. Deliveries are made straight to your fireside or log store. We’ve got it covered.