13kg Patio Gas

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The 13kg Calor Patio Gas cylinder is ideal for BBQs and patio heaters.

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Patio Gas Cylinder Sizes

The 13kg patio gas cylinder is the ideal solution for BBQs and patio heaters and will last approximately twice as long as the 5kg cylinder.

Calor Patio Gas in green cylinders with red handles, is suitable for outdoor appliances all year round and is the UK’s only cylinder with a built in fuel indicator.

Patio Gas cylinders are also available in 5kg size.

Patio Gas cylinders contain 13kg of Propane gas.

  • 13kg Patio Gas
  • Colour: Green
  • Capacity: 13kg (Patio gas®)
  • Gas level gauge
  • Height: 580mm approx
  • Diameter: 315mm approx
  • Rec. offtake: 15kw approx
  • Tare weight: 13-20kg (empty)
  • Gross weight: 26-33kg (full)

Suggested use
BBQ gas
Patio heaters
Greenhouse heaters

Connection required
Regulator: low pressure 27mm clip on fitting.

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