Smokeless Coal – 10kg or 20kg

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Long lasting, high heat smokeless coal in 10kg/20kg bag.

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Our smokeless coal come in 10kg or 20kg bags, and can be used on open fires and multi-fuel stoves. It lasts up to 40% longer than house coal – up to 9 hours in a tightly packed fire, helping to save you money.

As if that wasn’t enough, our smokeless coal also generates up to 30% more heat than house coal, so you don’t need as much to achieve the same heat output. They also produce only a fifth of the smoke produced by normal coals so they are suitable for smoke controlled areas.

Slow burning smokeless coal in London, easy to control and burns with an attractive and natural flame.

  • Smokeless Coal 10kg
  • Smokeless Coal 20kg
  • Heat rating: 4
  • Burn length: 4
  • Smoke emissions: 0
  • Pack weight: Approx 10 / 20kg

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