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15Kg Butane Gas

15kg Butane Gas

15kg Butane Gas

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The 15kg Calor butane gas cylinder is the perfect choice to fuel your cabinet heater during the colder months and can also be used with some older BBQs.

Butane, in blue cylinders, is a popular fuel for portable and leisure appliances.

  • Butane Cylinder Colour: Blue

  • Capacity: 15kg

  • Height: 520mm approx

  • Diameter: 318mm approx

  • Rec. offtake: 9.9kw approx

  • Tare weight: 13-20kg (empty)

  • Gross weight: 28-35kg (full)

Cylinder Hire

The cylinder hire charge works on a sliding scale and you will only be entitled to a percentage of the hire charge back when you return your bottle to us.

Please make sure to retain your receipt from the purchase as this will be needed if you ever return the cylinder to us.

How much is the cylinder hire charge?

For most cylinders it is £39.99. With exception of 19kg, 47kg, 12kg and 18kg cylinders are £59.99. The 6kg lite cylinder is £44.99

If I return my Calor cylinder do I get the cylinder hire charge back ?
As long as you keep your receipt (proof of purchase) and are able to show the receipt to the driver on collection of the cylinder you will get a proportion of the cylinder hire charge back. The proportion refunded is based on the number of years you have had the cylinder. Please note that refunds are not returned by the drivers. The office will contact you within 2 working days to arrange your refund. Please see the table below.

Collection of empty cylinders is charged at £9.95 and can be deducted from Cylinder Hire Charge refund (if eligible).

Number of years since initial hire of cylinder.








+ 7 yrs.

Percentage of cylinder hire charge refunded









Note: Calor cylinders always remain the property of Calor Gas Ltd


Suggested use

  • BBQs (some older BBQs)

  • Cabinet heaters


Connection required

Regulator: butane low pressure - 21mm clip on fitting.


FREE next day delivery to most London Postcodes.

We deliver new cylinders or exchange cylinders in the London area. If you are outside of our delivery area, you may come in to collect from our depot in Edmonton.

Safe & Secure Payments

Click & Collect now available from our London store (N18 3PE)


Cylinder Refills

To purchase a Calor Gas cylinder refill, a suitable empty Calor Gas cylinder must be available for exchange, otherwise a hire charge will apply.

New Cylinders

New Calor Gas cylinder prices include a Cylinder Rental Agreement charge (CRA). If you wish to return the cylinder, a partial refund will be issued depending on how long you have kept the cylinder.

Safety Information

For safe handling, use and storage of gas cylinders see our guidance page.

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