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Single-Stage Argon Regulator

Single-stage Argon Regulator

Single-stage Argon Regulator

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The Argon welding gas regulator is designed to step down and allow control of gas flow, these regulators are for use with Argon shielding gas in MIG and TIG welding applications. It features a 3/8" RH BSP outlet. The first gauge measures the contents of the cylinder and the second measures the flow rate.


1 Stage/ 2 Guage

3/8" RH BSP outlet. (The first gauge measures contents and the second measures flow rate.)

European standards specification

Full 300 bar service capable

Inspect/replace date stamped

Quality managed to ISO 9002

Full product warranty

Cylinder Hire



FREE next day delivery to most London Postcodes.

We deliver new cylinders or exchange cylinders in the London area. If you are outside of our delivery area, you may come in to collect from our depot in Edmonton.

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Cylinder Refills

To purchase a Hobbyweld cylinder refill, a suitable empty Hobbyweld cylinder must be available for exchange, otherwise a deposit fee will apply.

New Cylinders

New small Hobbyweld cylinder prices include a £70 deposit (zero vat) and new Ultra (20-litre) cylinder prices include a £190 deposit (zero vat).

If you wish to return the cylinder, the deposit will be refunded, less a £10 + VAT administration fee.

Safety Information

For safe handling, use and storage of gas cylinders see our guidance page.

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