Bright orange Autumn leaves

3 Amazing Autumn Ideas

Summer is over, the days are starting to get shorter and cool winds are shaking gold and amber leaves from the branches of trees. In other words, autumn has arrived (albeit somewhat later than usual). It is an inherently contemplative, subdued season: it is the time of year when nature’s rhythms start to slow and summer’s vibrancy fades. The arrival of autumn is therefore a good opportunity to relax and savour the changing of the seasons.

Here at London Gases, we know that autumn is also the time of year when people light their fireplaces start to stock up on the fuel we sell. As you might have guessed, it’s one of our favourite seasons! In fact, we’ve decided to show our appreciation by providing you with a list of autumnal activities that will help you enjoy the season as much as we do.

1. Enjoy the last barbecue of the year

Even though the intense heat of summer has passed, it’s still warm enough to enjoy one last barbecue before winter arrives. Why not find a secluded spot and have a barbecue while enjoying the pleasantly cool weather and the mellow hues that autumn creates in the natural world? We promise you won’t regret the experience. What’s more, we can provide top-quality bbq gas or charcoal, so you know the food that you cook on your barbecue will taste great.

2. Tell ghost stories by firelight

Halloween is the festival that defines autumn. What’s more, there’s less than a month to go until it arrives. Take advantage of this spooky time of year by turning out the lights and gathering round a lit fireplace with your friends or family to tell ghost stories. We’ll provide the Calor gas bottles to fuel your fireplace; you can provide the chilling supernatural tales. Telling ghost stories has fallen out of favour in the modern age, thanks to the availability of digital distractions. However, we suggest you give it a go: you might enjoy it more than you think.

3. Go camping in the woods

If you’re lucky enough to live near a wooded area, we recommend going camping. The woods are beautiful during the autumn months due to the way the leaves change colour. We can provide you with bottled gas for your portable stove or heating equipment, so you won’t get hungry or be too cold.

Autumn is our favourite season. Why not try our suggestions? It might become your favourite season too.