Winter barbeques for beginners

For many Londoners, barbeques are associated with the warmer seasons of the year but can provide just as much fun, if not more during the colder months. Winter creates a unique environment for outdoor cooking and an enhanced appreciation of a plate full of hot food. In this blog, we’ll explore everything you need to consider before you start to grill in the chilliest season of them all.

Get kitted out

Not every London home has a large garden, so if you have limited space, buy a gas barbecue, but make sure the make model you pick is equipped with a lid. After it’s lit and the food is loaded, you can shut out the weather, ensuring the snow or wind can’t snuff out your flames. Shut and sealed, you’ll have the controlled environment you need for great cooking results. Don’t forget that gas pressure weakens at colder temperatures, so ensure that you have a healthy supply of gas for your event. The same rule applies to cooking with open fires. Chilly winter winds can consume logs and coal far faster than a gentle summer breeze.

What’s on the menu?

Stock up on good cuts of meat for the carnivores in your clan and select veggie sausages and corn on the cob for your herbivores. Remember that cooking in a closed barbeque during winter is closer to smoking or roasting, so opt for thick meat cuts designed for extended cooking time. Whether you are adding freshly chopped chilli to burgers and sausages or currying your kebabs, spicy seasoning is an ideal option for adding a little winter warmth.

Wrap up warm

Wrapping up against the weather just adds to the fun. Woollen gloves and hats will stop you from losing body heat, however, never wear long cardigans or loose scarves when you cook with naked flames. Padded jackets and insulated snow trousers are superb for the slopes, but also for outdoor cooking. Always check the labels of your garments for any fire safety warnings when selecting your chef’s wardrobe for the day.

Buy your winter BBQ fuels today

At London gases, we are specialists in the ideal fuels for fires. If you need coal or logs for your firepit or canisters of BBQ gas for an outdoor cookout, get in touch with our team today and get stocked up for your winter party in the capital.