A roaring fire

3 benefits of using firelighters

When it comes to staying warm and cosy over autumn/winter, there is nothing quite like a real fire. They make any home more inviting after a rain-soaked commute home or a blustery day out at the shops with family. To get the most from a real fire though, you need the right fuel and accessories when building it. Firelighters are a great example of this and are widely used around the UK. But what benefits do they come with?

Suitable to use with variety of fuels

Although many people around the UK enjoy natural fires in their homes, not everyone has the same set-up. Some, for example, might have a traditional open fire which they burn coal on for heat. Others might have a wood-burning stove to snuggle up beside on colder nights. If you have a multi-fuel stove, you might opt for other forms of smokeless fuel. The beauty of firelighters is that they work perfectly with coal, logs and smokeless fuels, which means that they offer real versatility and are ideal for everyone to use.

Easy to get going

Savouring a roaring, natural fire that you have built yourself is awesome, especially on dark or cold evenings. However, it is not quite so relaxing if you struggle to get the fire lit. To avoid this, firelighters are a great solution. They are not only very easy to light but also make it easier to light your whole fire. Once lit, they are a reliable, long-lasting way to keep fires burning.

Easy to store

Another major benefit that using firelighters delivers is how easy they are to store. They normally come as packs with multiple firelighters inside the box. Their small, block-shaped size means that these packs do not take up lots of room and can be tidied away very discreetly. Packs of firelighters are also extremely safe to store in your home.

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For all of the above reasons, firelighters are essential for most people when lighting a fire at home. If you live in the London area, why not order yours online from London Gases today?