What wood does a log burner require?

From the cheery glow that they offer to the aromatic scent of wood smoke, timber logs are a favoured fuel for homeowners seeking combustible material for an indoor stove. Well-designed with special vents, log burners and wood-burning stoves allow the correct airflow to keep fires alight so they can perform their job of warming living spaces. However, the type of wood used is important. In this blog, we’ll look at two different products you will require for your log burner.

Buy softwood to get a fire started

Many people who are unfamiliar with buying wood, often purchase a stock of softwood as their main fuel by mistake. Softwoods include fir, pine as well as cedar, and while they are low-cost to purchase provide poor fuel economy. Softwood burns swiftly which means you will need a large supply to keep a fire going negating any savings.

Softwoods can still be useful, however. You can buy bags of thin sticks known as kindling and these are perfectly sized to get your fire started. Place the thin softwood sticks in a lattice or make a tepee shape within your burner. Add firelighters and tinder beneath and small to medium-sized logs of hardwood on top to make an ideal fire.

As the softwood burns, it will set the smaller hardwood logs alight and get a blaze underway. It’s worth noting that softwoods can spit and smoke, so at this stage of your fire, keep the doors of your burner closed.

Hardwoods for lasting heat

Hardwoods have a far slower burn rate than softwood allowing them to provide continuous and long-lasting heat. Oak and maple are examples of hardwoods. Unlike softwoods, these woods don’t reduce to ash but leave behind white-hot coals of wood instead.

Wood fires work best when you leave some wood ash in the bottom of your burner and increase the size of the hardwood logs you add slowly. If logs are too large, they can completely snuff out your fire if it’s not burning well yet.

Stock up on winter wood with us

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