3 essential fire-starting accessories for home fires

There is no doubt that a roaring fire is something that can really make any home cosier in autumn and winter. Whether it is warming up after coming in from the cold or snuggling up on the sofa at night, there is just something so magical about them. Of course, you need to get your coal or log fire going first and this is not always so easy. A good tip to help is to use the best accessories for starting fires – but which are the top options to consider?


One really important fire-starting accessory for wood-based fires is kindling. This is essentially smaller pieces of dry wood that you light initially to help the fire take hold. Simple to use and great value for money, they light quickly and sit below the main logs in your fire to help them light faster/stay lit.


Another great option for easier fire-starting at home is firelighters. These essentially work in the same way as kindling does and make it easier for the main solid fuel in your fireplace to light. Firelighters are very easy to use and a much faster way to get your home fire going. They can be used with coal, smokeless fuel and logs which gives them superb versatility. Firelighters also come in the form of solid, easy-to-handle and mess-free blocks. They also come in small packs which makes them very easy to store.

Heat logs

If you want to enjoy a roaring, real fire with absolutely no fuss, heat logs could be for you. These special types of logs come in a paper sleeve that lights fast and burns steadily for up to 3 hours. The main advantage of heat logs is that you just put them in your fireplace and light them – there is no need for extra kindling or firelighters. This can help lower your overall fuel costs and cut back on how much fuel you have to store. A safe, simple solution to fire-starting, they are also totally odourless and smokeless.

Fire-starting kit from London Gases

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