Person laying with their feet out of a tent doorway

3 essentials for your next spring camping trip

Camping has become extremely popular with many people over recent years. It seems the chance to head outside in the fresh air and get back to nature is something many of us are increasingly turning to for respite. As we start to head out of winter and look forward to spring and the eventual lifting of restrictions, you may be starting to plan out your next camping trip. Of course, it is key to pack the right things to take before you leave. But what are some of the real essentials to think about?

Tent and sleeping bag

You should ensure that you have a tent and sleeping bag with you on any spring camping expedition. Having somewhere safe, cosy and comfy to bed down each night is important after all. Make sure the tent you take is easy to erect and has enough room for everyone to sleep well in. Make sure your sleeping bag is big enough to fit in comfortably and is warm enough for those spring nights, so make sure you research the location you are heading to.

First aid kit

When it comes to absolute essentials, a first aid kit is a real no-brainer. You might be the most experienced camper in the world but you are not immune to accidents or freak injuries. It is therefore crucial to have a kit of medical supplies handy, in case you need them. Common items to pack include antiseptic wipes, bandages, painkillers, insect bite cream and antiseptic handwash.

Camping gas and stove

Although a spring trip might see you camping in better weather, you still need a way to heat up food and drink. It is also worth having a heat source if the temperature suddenly drops when you are out. A great tip here is to pack a portable camping stove and take a bottle of camping gas to power it. Both are very quick to set-up and easy to use – certainly quicker than building a campfire from scratch.

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