Winter campfires made easy

Nothing can top the camaraderie of a winter campfire. Sharing toasted marshmallows and bread with friends and family while enjoying the warmth and glow of an outdoor fire is an amazing experience, however, to stay safe and get the most from your campfire, there are some important steps you must take. Get prepared with our tips below

Pick the perfect place

When you select your campsite, always make certain that it permits campfires. In most cases, you will find that you’re allowed to build a campfire within your garden on the condition that you be respectful of those who live beside you.

Get kitted out

Make sure you are fully equipped and have everything that you require for a first-class fire. To build a quality campfire you’ll require small sticks of wood called kindling, some air-dried and seasoned firewood, and some tinder and matches to set it alight. Tinder is an important element to get fires started and scrunched-up paper or cardboard are both popular choices.

Building and tending your campfire

A grid framework offers a stable foundation for a campfire. Construct your campfire with kindling sticks placed parallel to each other within your fire pit. Make sure they are close enough that you can add longer kindling wood across them. Add your tinder in between your sticks and then add more kindling, making sure that gaps are still present for the air to circulate. You’re now ready to add another grid layer of kindling, repeat the process, placing your wood at a 90 degrees angle to the layer below. Continue this approach until you have between three to four layers. You can now light the kindling framework and once it starts to burn, add some small logs on top. Once these catch light, you can add larger logs. This order is exceptionally important or your fire will quickly go out.

Campfire safety

When tending winter campfires always be mindful of loose clothing that may catch fire. Take note of wind direction and ensure everyone is gathered safely. Be prepared to put out your fire with a bucket of water, a hose or dirt if it starts to get out of hand. Finally, always remain with your fire until it is entirely extinguished. If you need kiln-dried hardwood logs or kindling for your winter campfire, contact London Gases today to order.