A pile of wood

3 hacks for storing your logs this winter

Winter is not far away now and this means you might be looking at using your log burner or open fire more regularly. Whether it is for the warmth they offer or the romantic light they give off, log fires are a magical thing. Of course, it is the logs themselves which are most important. It is not only how many logs you need and where to buy them from which is key though. You also need to think about how to store them properly as well. If you need some help, the below hacks are worth taking on-board.

Keep them handy

When it comes to log storage, you may choose to keep your main pile outside and bring some in when required. Alternatively, you may choose to store them inside so you can grab then quickly when needed. However you go about it, remember to make sure your logs are easily accessible. For outside storage, try to have them close to your door as this avoids long treks to the bottom of the garden in the snow or ice.

Keep them dry

The simple fact is that dry logs burn better and do not rot. This is really important to stop them from getting damp and avoid them sitting in moisture. For outside storage, it is crucial to keep them off the ground and undercover. Many people will use a woodshed for this or even just put their main pile on a pallet with a tarp over the top. For inside storage, make sure the room they are in has good circulation and is not damp.

Think about it all in advance

Perhaps the best tip for log storage over winter is simply thinking about it all in advance. Many people wait until they need fuel and then order it in a mad panic, without thinking about how or where they will store it first. By taking the time to give this some attention, you will be able to store your logs safely when the colder months hit.

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