A person lighting a gas camping stove

3 mistakes to avoid when choosing gas for camping

Camping is a great option if you are looking to have fun with friends over a weekend or get back to nature on a family holiday in the UK. Of course, this sort of holiday is one that many more people will be enjoying in 2020, due to the impact of COVID-19 on international travel. There is a range of things you should take when camping and camping gas is certainly one of them. Calor gas bottles are the most famous brand and taking one with you allows you to quickly prepare hot food and drink on your camping stove. But what mistakes should you avoid when choosing camping gas?

Choosing a bottle that is hard to carry

Camping gas bottles come in a range of sizes so it is important to think about this when buying yours. Any bottle must be light enough for you to carry easily to your camping site and compact enough to fit in your vehicle when you travel down. Smaller bottles are also safer as they have less gas inside them. In the highly unlikely event of a leak or explosion, this is safer than having a bigger bottle with more gas inside.

Choosing the wrong type of gas

Another mistake many people make is selecting the wrong sort of gas to use. This can be very easy to do if you are not an experienced camper. In simple terms, you can use either butane or propane for camping trips. In the summertime, it is best to go for butane. This is because it is more efficient when burning and gives better value for money. Propane is best saved for colder months when it gives a steadier flow in lower temperatures.

Not knowing what to do with them afterwards

As gas can be dangerous if handled incorrectly, not knowing how to transport, store and use your camping gas is a real mistake to avoid. It really is vital to do some online research or speak to someone who knows more about camping first before you buy. This will ensure you know how to use your gas for camping safely and can purchase your gas bottle with confidence.

Gas bottles London wide with London Gases

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