3 tasty dishes for any summer BBQ in 2022

Summer 2022 is well underway and that means lots of people around the country are starting to think about hosting BBQs. This is especially true in London during summer, where enjoying gorgeous weather, cool drinks and tasty food outside with family and friends is popular. One great tip for making your own summer party rock is cooking up scrumptious treats for guests to enjoy on your BBQ. If you need a few ideas for this, the below are 3 of the best to think about using.


Burgers are a real staple of any summer BBQ and something you should rustle up for your guests. For meat eaters, the classic beef patty always goes down well but you could also use pork or lamb mince to give a new take on this old classic. For those who do not eat meat, inviting bean burgers are the answer. If you combine kidney beans with some salsa, chilli, seasoning and breadcrumbs, they should come out perfectly.

Grilled fish

For those who enjoy eating fish, grilling some on your BBQ is sure to impress. You can go for pretty much any fish you like but those with firm flesh (such as cod) are usually best. This is because they hold their shape better when cooking. Oily fish like mackerel are also good for chucking on the barbie whole, as are marinated shellfish (such as large prawns). If you put together a side salad separately to serve with them, you will be all sorted.

Glazed pineapple

It is not just savoury food you could impress guests with at your next summer BBQ. Glazed pineapple is a real sweet treat to think about trying too. You simply peel and cut a fresh pineapple into generous-sized pieces and then glaze them before placing on the barbie. The glaze can be rum for an adults-only dessert or lime for a kid-friendly one. Once you have grilled it on both sides, it will taste awesome served with some ice cream.

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