A roaring fire

3 things an open fire at home is perfect for in Autumn

Is there anything better than an open fire at home when Autumn is here? This kind of fire can really help any home feel more comfortable and inviting when it starts to get darker outside. Beyond merely warming up your home in general though, an open fire can be useful in a number of other ways. But what exactly are they?

Recovering from Autumn weather

Autumn is a cold and wet time of year. Despite this, we still end up spending a lot of time outside over these months. From collecting kids from school to the commute home from work or a family walk at the weekend, Autumn is a time of year we like to stay active still. If you get caught in any bad weather though, you can come in feeling a bit chilly! A roaring coal fire is ideal for warming everyone up and making you feel cosy again.

Romantic nights in

Another awesome activity open coal fires are perfect for in Autumn are romantic nights in. Whether you have kids or live as a couple, making time for each other is important. Holding date nights in your home is a great way to go about this. A crackling coal fire will really add to the ambience when you snuggle up on the sofa together. You not only get the soft lighting to enjoy and flickering flames to gaze into but also the alluring shadows cast on the walls to marvel at.

Drying out wet clothes

It is not only yourself which can get a bit wet and soggy over Autumn. If you have been caught in rain or even snow when out, your clothes will be wet too. A roaring open fire is the perfect place to dry them out and get them toasty again. Many people will place wet clothes on the fireguard and then leave them to gently dry. Just make sure they do not fall into the fire or get too close as they can pose a fire risk.

Great value coal from London Gases

Before you can start using your open fire for the above, you need the fuel to get it going. Here at London Gases, we supply great value coal to homes and businesses all over London. Order online or get in touch today for more details.