A woman dancing amongst tents at a festival

3 things you need to enjoy the perfect mini music festival at home this summer

As we start to ease back towards normal life, music festivals should soon be a fixture of most people's calendars in the warmer months. However, if you don't fancy going to a big festival or you prefer to enjoy music outdoors with a few home comforts, you can set up your own mini music festival at home! But what do you need to enjoy the perfect mini music shindig at home this summer?

1) Great music

If you are planning on holding your own mini music festival this summer, the music is the important part! All you need to do is set up a few playlists in different genres on your mobile device and have a wireless speaker ready to go outside for when the fun starts.

2) Delicious food

Whether it is just you and your family or you plan to invite a few friends over, everyone will expect some nice goodies to feast on. As this is a mini music festival, cooking food outside on a BBQ is a great idea. Knocking up some burgers and chicken over the barbie is sure to go down well with your guests! Just remember to pick up some BBQ gas in advance so that you're fully prepared.

3) Festival drinks

Once you've sorted your music and food, any decent mini festival at home needs a good selection of drinks for everyone to enjoy. If you are inviting friends or family over, make sure to find out what they like and have a good supply of it in the fridge beforehand. It can also be fun to buy the ingredients needed to make exotic cocktails, but it's also a good idea to have a selection of soft drinks available for those who cannot drink alcohol or who choose not to.

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