Sausages cooking on a bbq

3 tips for a summer BBQ in London

Now that the summer has finally arrived, people’s minds invariably turn to BBQs. They are a staple of the British summer and are a great way to relax and catch up with old friends and families. However, in order to get the most out of your BBQ, there are a few rules that you should always follow. 

Our experts at London Gases know how enjoyable a good BBQ can be, so here are a few tips to get the most from your experience. 
1. Consider your fuel type
  It’s important to know in advance what type of fuel you will be using. Gas BBQs are very different from coal BBQs. While the placement and ignition of the fuel is one obvious difference, many other factors need to be considered, including cooking times, and the amount of smoke produced. By researching your fuel and how to use it first, you can ensure there will be no problems when it comes to actually using the BBQ.  
2. Supply of fuel
  As well as researching how best to use your fuel, you also need to make sure you have enough of it. Running out of fuel when food is only half cooked is a disastrous end to your party, so it’s well worth stocking up in advance! London Gases are a London based supplier of calor gas bottles, coal and logs, and are always happy to help you out with all your fuel needs.  
3. Check the weather
  While it may seem obvious, far too many people set a date for an outside BBQ without considering the weather. Bad weather will not only impact the enjoyment of your guests, but is also likely to hinder the cooking process. Showers and heavy rain may also ruin your equipment if you don’t ensure they are completely dry after usage too, and rust can quickly become a problem. Ensure you have a contingency plan, just in case the weather doesn’t favour you!  
At London Gases, we pride ourselves on supplying the best quality calor gas, coal and logs all around the capital. We also offer a wide range of beer gas and helium gas too, so get in touch today at