A roaring fire

3 tips for building a camp fire safely in your back garden

Although COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are easing around London now, you might still feel a bit uneasy about heading out camping with your family. If this is the case, why not enjoy a family camp out in your back garden until you feel more comfortable facing the outside world? Once you have pitched your tent and got your sleeping bags down, there is lots of fun to be had spotting the wildlife in your garden or playing games together. One activity that all the family will love is gathering around a campfire come nighttime to share stories and toast marshmallows. It is important though to build your fire safely first, so what tips are best to follow when doing this?

Don't position it too close to the house

This might seem an obvious tip but it is not a good idea to have your campfire going too close to your house. Not only could it see smoke blowing into the house through open doors or windows but it could also be a potential fire hazard as well. If the fire is too close to your property, it could also be a hazard for people coming in and out of the house. It is much better to have it as far away as you can but without it being too close to other things in your garden which may ignite such as washing lines, plants or sheds.

Consider wetting areas down

One tip you could take on-board is wetting down areas you do not want to burn with a hose beforehand. This could be a nearby garden fence panel for example or bushes which are close by. Wetting areas like these down simply stops them from getting burnt whilst also helping to prevent your fire from getting out of control.

Make sure a responsible adult is always around

This might seem like another obvious tip but it is one worth repeating over and over. If you plan to have a family camp out, make sure that there is always an adult around when the fire is being built and is lit. This will help to keep everyone safe but especially children. If you will be the responsible adult, make sure to take on any dangerous jobs (like fire lighting) and ensure children do not get too close to the fire.

What else do you need to enjoy the best campfire?

While the above are some great ideas on keeping everyone safe when building a campfire in your back garden, you should also think about how to get it going. Having the right supply of dry material is key and logs fall into this category. If you live in London and need the best quality logs to work with, get in touch with London Gases now to place your order.