Food cooking on a bbq

3 tips for using a bbq safely

As the spring and summer months come ever closer, many London residents will begin to think about enjoying the warmer weather with friends or family. One of the main ways people will go about this is with fun and tasty BBQs. Although there are a few different options when it comes to holding your own BBQ, gas grills are becoming increasingly popular. Not only are they easier and quicker to light but they also make it simpler to cook food evenly.

Before you rush out and buy a gas grill though, you must know the basics around operating it properly. Here are a few things to think about.

Set it on a level surface

Before you even think about firing it up, you need to consider where you will place your gas BBQ. The main thing to do here is to find a level surface to set it on. This should be well away from your house and other safety hazards like wooden fences. Situating it on a crooked or uneven surface outside will not only be dangerous but will also make it harder to cook on.

Check your connection for leaks

Naturally, choosing a gas BBQ will involve using Calor BBQ gas bottles to power it. These gas bottles are hooked up to your BBQ via a gas hose and regulator in most normal gas grills. Once you have connected the bottle to your grill, it is worth performing a leak test before use. This can be done by mixing warm water and washing up liquid in a bottle. Once done, spray over the regulator connections and gas hose – if you see any bubbles when the gas is turned on, then there is a leak which you need to fix first.

Make sure to turn it off properly

This may sound very obvious but it is worth mentioning. Turning your gas grill off properly after use is essential, as is safely disconnecting the gas bottle from it. Once done, make sure to let it cool before carrying out any cleaning needed and storing everything away securely.

Let London Gases help fuel your gas BBQ

If you need affordable Calor gas bottles to help power your BBQ, then give us a call. We can help any London based home or business get the Calor gas they need to get cooking. Get in touch today for more details.