Glowing Hot coals

3 tips on building the best coal fire for Autumn

Summer is a quickly fading memory which means Autumn is now upon us. For many people, this is a great time of year as it is full of beautiful colours, falling leaves and chillier temperatures which make snuggling up inside a real treat. While cosying up under blankets and on rugs is a nice way to do this, you really cannot beat the feeling a welcoming coal fire gives. It not only provides heat to keep you warm over the colder months but gives a stunning look to any home.

If you have not built a coal fire before though or simply need a refresher, the below tips will help yours to look stunning.

Clean out your fireplace first

Many people forget that getting a decent coal fire going requires some preparation. You must clean out your fireplace before starting to get the sort of results you want. Doing this will stop old cinders from hampering the air flow and stopping the fire burning properly. It will also remove any old ash from being up against the bars of your fireplace and damaging them when hot.

Don't use too much paper

Another good tip is to be careful when putting the paper in to build your fire. While this is a key step, you should not put too much in and not build the layer of paper up too high. If the paper is too high then everything on top will fall down when it burns. Having too much paper in your fire will also cause fire-bars to clog and stop it lighting properly.

Stack your wood correctly

Do not just chuck your pieces of wood in any old-how when building a coal fire. The best idea is to arrange them in a square criss-cross shape like the design of a wooden pallet. This helps it to burn more evenly and hold its shape when lit. It is also worth using a mixture of thin and thick pieces of wood. The thin will burn easily to get the fire started while the thick will keep it going for longer.

Quality coal supplies in London

If you live in London and have a coal fire to use over Autumn and then Winter, the above tips should help you to get the best results. Of course, you will also need top quality coal to use in your fire first. At London Gases, we have great value coal which will keep you warm when it gets cold outside. Call today for more details.