Glowing Hot coals

3 tips to get your coal fireplace ready to use when Winter comes

There is nothing quite like a cosy, open coal fire to light up those long winter nights. With Winter now only a matter of weeks away, many people with their own coal fireplace will be looking forward to using it. It is important to take steps now so that your fireplace is safe to use. Do not be tempted to start lighting fires in it when it has not been in action since last year. Thinking about this now also means you will have everything in place to enjoy many open fires over the colder months, as soon as they arrive. But what are the best tips to take on-board?

Get your chimney inspected by a professional

This is a very important thing you should do before beginning to use your fireplace every Winter. Hiring a professional chimney sweep will mean your chimney gets cleared of debris, flammable build-up from previous usage, and obstructions. This will not only keep it in better condition but will also stop blockages sending smoke back into your property when a fire is lit. It is important to hire a professional firm rather than to have a go yourself, as they have the skills, equipment and experience to do a thorough job.

Inspect the fireplace itself

Another good tip is to check the fireplace around your open coal fire closely before you start to use it again. The bricks can sometimes get loose or cracked over time, which is not ideal. Remember to check the bricks on the interior as well as the exterior. If you do notice any repairs which need addressing, it is best to call in a specialist mason to do them safely for you.

Order your fuel in!

When it comes to getting your open fireplace ready to use this winter, fuel is key! Without it, you will not be able to enjoy any roaring fires at all. Now is the ideal time to start working out how much coal you need and put an order in so it arrives in good time. It is also wise to think about how much kindling you need so you can have that ready as well.

Coal delivery around London with London Gases

If you live in London and need to order great value coal to use this winter, let London Gases help. We deliver around the capital and can supply you with all the coal you need to stay warm. Get in touch on 020 8807 4633 to place an order or speak to our team for advice.