Food cooking on a bbq

3 tips to get your gas BBQ ready for action again this Spring

Winter is a great time of year in many ways – but not if you like to cook outdoors on a BBQ! The wet weather and dark nights mean that most people have to wait until Spring and Summer to enjoy this again. With Spring just around the corner though, now is a good time to start getting your gas BBQ ready to use once more. This will not only mean you are ready to go when the weather gets better, but also that it is safe to use. But what are a few classic tips on doing this?

Check gas connections and hose

If you use BBQ gas on your grill, then it is always wise to check over the hose and connections. When your BBQ has been in storage over winter, you just do not know if they might have come loose or need some attention. If this were true and you did not realise, then gas could begin to leak out when you start to use it. This is not only dangerous but could mean your BBQ fails to work or doesn't perform to its best. If you do spot a problem, make sure to have a qualified professional fix it for you.

Remember to clean out the grease and drip tray

One key tip when giving your gas grill the once over is clearing out the drip tray and grease tray. As the build-up of grease and debris in these trays could cause a fire, you need them cleaned out before using your BBQ again. It is also not a good idea to have old debris in either tray, which hot grease or drips then fall onto when you start using it again.

Burn off and brush the grates

This is another good tip to get your grill ready for action again in the spring and summer. Be careful though, as it does involve turning the BBQ on and heating it up. Begin by turning the grates upside down, lighting the BBQ, turning all dials on full and closing the lid for about 10 minutes. This effectively sanitises the grates and burns off any debris on them. After 10 minutes, turn the dials to low and very carefully scrub the underside of the grates with a BBQ grill brush to leave them super-clean.

Remember your BBQ gas!

Of course, one other great tip to be BBQ ready again is ordering BBQ gas to use. If you live in London and need great value gas bottles for your grill, let London Gases help. We supply this kind of gas to domestic and commercial clients around the capital. Get in touch on 020 8807 4633 for more details or order online with us today.