A roaring fire

3 top tips for keeping your log stove/fire burning for longer

There's nothing quite like a log fire or a log stove – the open flame, the crackling embers, and the pure warmth, you just can't find anything better. Few people understand the proper ways, however, of actually keeping their log fires burning as efficiently as possible. These three simple tips will help you start building truly lasting fires.

1. Use the right logs

It sounds simple, but all logs are not made equal. Depending on the type of burn you're looking for, certain logs may be better than others. There are many types of logs suitable for firewood, including "seasoned" logs, kiln dried logs, and even "heat logs" which are made out of wood waste to be more environmentally friendly. This is where a specialist merchant such as London Gases can help you – by providing you with the proper wood to build reliable fires.

2. Stack the fire properly

How you stack the fire with your logs is going to determine the type of burn you're going to get. If you want a relatively short, fierce burn, for example, stack the logs reasonably loosely in a "criss-cross" pattern to allow some air to flow between them and fuel the flames. If you want a longer, more consistent burn, however, take more logs and stack them more tightly. It won't burn quite as hot, but it will burn for much longer – ideal for the long evenings.

3. Understand the fire cycle

Lots of people get caught in the trap of just thinking adding logs whenever they fancy will keep the fire going properly. Just tossing another log on every hour isn't going to help. Most fires have a burn cycle between three and eight hours, and will give out varying degrees of heat depending on which cycle they're currently burning through. It's only really necessary to add more fuel to the fire when it comes to the end of its burn cycle, at which point you'll notice a temperature drop.

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