Food cooking on a bbq

3 vegan BBQ recipes to enjoy this summer

Summer is here again and this means people are looking forward to family BBQs once more. There really is nothing like enjoying the best food and drink with those closest to you in the fresh air. Of course, the food is ultra-important and this means you need to settle on the best BBQ recipes to serve up. If you are vegan or have anyone attending a BBQ who is, then it is crucial to provide vegan food to eat. But what are 3 of the best BBQ recipes for vegans?

Spicy vegan BBQ burgers

Burgers are something that everyone thinks about when BBQs are mentioned. The great news for vegans is that they do not have to miss out on the fun! Rather than using meat, you can blend together chickpeas with sweetcorn before adding things like chilli, paprika or lime for extra flavour. When formed into a patty and grilled on the barbie, they taste awesome in a bun.

Sizzling vegan skewers

Who doesn't love a skewer packed full of gorgeous ingredients and cooked over an open flame? For a classic vegan version, alternate wedges of onion with peppers and mushroom for a tasty treat. If you can't do without hunks of cheese on there, pick up some vegan cheese to use as well. If tofu is your thing, you can even add chunks of this for more variety and extra flavour.

Charred rosemary flatbread

Great as a side or on its own, rosemary flatbread which has been charred on the barbie is a real delight. The good news is that it is suitable for vegans and pretty easy to make. The key is to leave out the yeast! Instead, baking powder goes with flour, salt and some lukewarm water to make the basic dough. Once mixed, you just divide the dough up and shape each piece into individual flatbreads. Once ready to cook, just place on the BBQ with some fresh rosemary on top.

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