Colourful helium balloons

3 ways to celebrate birthdays at home

There's always a reason to celebrate when it's your birthday, but celebrating at home can be tough if you're socially distancing. You might have planned a big party or dreamed of a faraway holiday, but until the UK's restrictions are over, these plans must be put on hold. However, this doesn't mean that your special day has to go unnoticed. With a bit of adjustment, you can still celebrate your birthday in style and have a memorable day with your family and friends.


Having a birthday BBQ is a great solution if you want to celebrate with your nearest and dearest. In England, you are currently allowed to host up to 30 people outside. If you have any concerns about meeting up with your loved ones, spending time outdoors is also a safer alternative. This means your garden or yard can be your new venue, and is there a better way to party than by firing up the BBQ? We have a great range of charcoal, briquettes and BBQ gas to make sure your fire burns all night long.

Camping at home

Holidays abroad may not be possible, but who says you can't have a holiday at home? Pitch up a tent in your own backyard and enjoy a staycation like no other. There's no need to travel, queue or pay extortionate prices, and you can even invite your friends and family to stay with you. The weather may not be on your side, but with a few patio heaters or fire pits, you can create a warm, cosy atmosphere to celebrate your day. London Gases offers a variety of logs for that authentic wood fire scent, as well as patio gas and smokeless coal.


Although lockdown birthdays might be a little different, there is no reason you can't celebrate at home. Balloons are an exciting way to showcase your birthday and get your house looking extra special. Whether you opt for simple helium balloons, extravagant arches or bouquets, balloons add a bit of fun and enjoyment to your day. If you need any gas or fuel for your next birthday bash, check out our website today.