Food cooking on a bbq

3 ways to embrace winter barbeques

Barbeques are commonly associated with spring and summer, but are just as much fun when the cold creeps in. Winter offers a unique setting for outdoor cooking, so in the following sections, we’ll give you a quick rundown of all you'll need to host the perfect winter barbeque in the coming months.

Get equipped

If you’ve got a small garden space, a gas barbecue is an ideal option. Just make sure the model you choose has a lid. Once lit and loaded, you can close it against the elements, ensuring the wind or snow won't put out your flames. Once sealed shut, you will have a controlled environment for cooking.

Remember that gas pressure can weaken at lower temperatures, so make sure you’re well-stocked up on gas. The same applies to open fires, as strong winter wind can consume coals and logs much faster than a summer breeze.

Cook hearty dishes

Stock up on your favourite meats for the carnivores, or try some corn on the cob and veggie sausages for the herbivores. Cooking with a shut barbeque in winter is more akin to smoking and roasting, so choose thicker cuts of meat suited to longer cooking times. You can keep your seasoning spicy for some extra winter warmth, whether you’re currying kebabs or adding fresh chilli to sausages.

Dress appropriately

Wrapping up warm is part of the fun. Hats and gloves will stop you from losing body heat, but avoid loose scarves and cardigans if you’re cooking with open flames. Skiwear like padded jackets and snow trousers are ideal for outdoor cooking. As well as being weather-proof, many items are flame-resistant, but check your labels to ensure safety if you’re going to be the chef for the day.

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