Food cooking on a bbq

4 common mistakes to avoid when using a BBQ gas grill

There’s nothing more satisfying than cooking your meats and vegetables on a BBQ gas grill. You may, however, end up sabotaging your meal if you don’t know or don't use the best cooking methods for your BBQ gas grill.

Here are four common BBQ mistakes that even master grillers tend to make:

1. Not preheating the grill

You cannot skip the preheating step just because you’re using a BBQ gas grill. While it may be tempting to get cooking immediately you turn on the grill, you really want to wait a bit before you start cooking.

Let the heat transfer to all the grates before you start throwing things on them. Give it a few minutes to get preheated with the lid closed before you start cooking.

2. Continually lifting the lid as the food cooks

It’s hard not to try and peak at the food as it cooks. However, doing this only makes the cooking process and time slower. The grill loses heat each time you open it to check on what’s cooking. Your food will, therefore, take much longer to cook.

Of course, you’ll need to check on the food occasionally, but try to limit the frequency with which you open the grill’s lid.

3. Greasing the grill

While this may seem like a sensible thing to do, it’s not. Coating your grates directly with oil isn’t always the best grilling tactic. Instead, the grease will drip down into the grill and leave the food burning and sticking on the grates.

The best approach is to always brush your food directly with oil instead.

4. Cutting the meat immediately after cooking

You’ll probably be super-impatient and itching to dig your knives and forks into the sizzling hot beef. But the best option always is to wait for the meat to cook.

As you cook meat, its juices tend to pull toward the centre. Cutting the beef immediately may lead to these juices spilling out. Let the meat cool for a few minutes for these juices to be reabsorbed.

Wrapping up

Don’t let the simple mistakes mentioned above deter you from enjoying your barbecue to the max. Crank open that BBQ gas and get cooking the right way.