Food cooking on a bbq

4 gluten free spring BBQ ideas

If you can’t wait to hear the birds chirping, see flowers blooming or to get your BBQ out at the first sign of warmth, then you’ll love these spring grill ideas. We know it isn’t easy when you’re coeliac and often have to eat the most basic food, which is why we’ve put together the best gluten-free options so you can look forward to getting out your BBQ.

Before you start, make sure you’ve gathered the essentials, like coal, logs, BBQ gas and whatever else you need. Then, you’re ready to get cooking! Read on for some classic and unique gluten-free BBQ ideas.

Grilled pineapple burger

This dish is a twist on a classic and is a great option if you aren't able to eat bread. You can either buy gluten-free burgers or make your own, topping them off with a delicious grilled ring of pineapple.

Grilled sweet potato with avocado and sausage

If you want something a little healthier, this dish is a fantastic choice. You’ll need to parboil your sweet potatoes first to soften them and then pop them on the BBQ. They’ll be crunchy outside with a delectable soft middle. Then, simply mash some avocado to spread over it and add a slice of gluten-free turkey sausage to top it off!

Stuffed avocado

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to eat avocado cold. This superfood is growing in popularity and tastes incredible sliced in half and placed on the BBQ. Fill the holes with whatever you like from chilli con carne to a healthier chickpea and spinach curry.

Beef, chicken or prawn bowls

Bowls are one of the best ways to make a meal out of your grilled delights. You can BBQ sliced chicken, beef or some prawns and then add whatever you like. Fill the bottom of your bowl with a bit of salad and then add rice, beans, potatoes, egg… the list goes on.

Get grilling

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg, and we could go on forever. Try them out, create variations and use them as the base for other recipes. You’ll no longer cringe at the idea of another family BBQ!