Children eating s'mores

5 desserts you can make on your BBQ

It’s easy when planning a BBQ to just think of burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob and salads, but did you know you can make some fantastic desserts on your BBQ? As we look ahead to those long summer days in London, check out our dessert inspiration to really make the most of your garden get-togethers! Whether you use Calor gas or logs and coals, these summer puddings are guaranteed crowd-pleasers.

Grilled fruit kebabs

Meat and vegetable kebabs are a BBQ staple, but why not mix it up and make refreshing fruit kebabs instead? Take chunks of your favourite summer fruits (peaches, kiwis, pineapple), skewer them and flash grill them on your BBQ. They're easy, tasty and count towards your five fruit and veg a day.

Caramel bananas

These are a brilliant twist on a banana split and are super easy to make too. Keeping bananas in their skins, slice them in half and top with your favourite treats such as marshmallows, chocolate buttons and lashings of caramel sauce. Wrap them in foil and pop them on the BBQ to melt until they go gooey and delicious. You’ll need spoons to eat this one!

Sweet yet spicy fruit

If you’re looking for something more grown-up, have a go at grilling some pineapple with fresh chilli and mint; it’s a unique flavour combination that really works. Serve with coconut ice cream or fruit sorbet for a seriously refreshing palate cleanser.

Scrumptious smores

You can’t have a BBQ or go camping without smores! Grab your favourite biscuits and make sandwiches with them, filling them with a large marshmallow and a good chunk of your favourite chocolate. Wrap them up in foil, let your BBQ work its magic and tuck in. Just be careful when opening the foil back up as they will be very hot.

Fruit pizzas

Pizza dough cooks really quickly on a BBQ, so this is a great dessert that is super easy but still looks like a true showstopper! Once the pizza dough has cooked, let it cool a little and top with either fresh greek yoghurt or cream cheese with vanilla essence added to sweeten, then top with fresh summer fruits and berries.

For more advice on the perfect BBQ and equipment for your summer gatherings, contact a member of the London Gases team today!