A roaring fire

5 reasons why you should have a real fire at home…

Who doesn't love curling up in front of a real fire to watch the flames flicker and the coals turn to jewelled embers? Real fires were once a feature of every home and having gas or electric central heating doesn't mean you shouldn't have one.

Here are five reasons why you should consider a real fire:
1. They are less harmful to the environment than central heating.

Yes, really! Oil and gas are fossil fuels that release old carbon when they are ignited. Smokeless coal is just as effective as the ordinary variety and brands like ecoal50 combine plant material with anthracite. Also, wood is virtually carbon neutral. When you use seasoned logs with a low moisture content, they burn fast and get very hot, which reduces the amount of smoke released. If you burn them in a well-maintained wood burning stove or open fire, the amount of carbon released is the same as it would be if you left a tree to rot in the forest.

2. It can reduce your fuel bills

At certain times, especially in the autumn and spring when it isn't really cold enough for central heating, a real fire provides enough warmth to keep you comfortable and take the edge off a cold room.

3. Marshmallows, chestnuts and even bread…

Have you ever tried toasting them on an open fire? It's a lot of fun and they taste delicious when they've been lightly charred by real flames.

4. There is nothing like the smell of a real fire

Different types of wood give off their own fragrance and as long as your chimney is clean and your room well ventilated, a real wood fire will give off a lovely aroma.

5. A real fire is the focal point of any room

In years gone by, our ancestors gathered around real fires to eat, drink and tell stories. We haven't lost our natural affinity for this – you only need venture into any pub that has a real fire to see that. Seats by the fire are always the first to be taken. Contact us for any solid fuel enquiries.