Food cooking on a bbq

6 great ideas for a vegetarian BBQ

Are you hosting a BBQ for your friends and expecting one or more vegetarian guests? When you eat meat, it can be tough to come up with creative veggie alternatives. Or maybe you are vegetarian but lacking inspiration for some great grilled dishes.

Whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered with these scrumptious veggie BBQ ideas that’ll impress even the toughest to please. So, gather your coal and logs and let's begin.

Mushroom shawarma

One of the more popular non-meat grill dishes is kebabs. However, they’re often the same; a few different veggies grilled on a stick. We recommend making your own shawarma spice mix to create a delicious sauce for some mushrooms, which can also be used for meat dishes if needed.

Halloumi sandwich

One of the most delicious ingredients, when grilled, is halloumi. It’s super easy and makes the perfect base for a veggie sandwich. Cut a nice thick chunk and stick it on the BBQ. Complete your sarnie with red onion, grilled tomatoes and rocket leaves.

Fancy corn on the cob

A classic vegetarian side to any BBQ is corn on the cob, but why not spruce it up a bit? Put a Mexican twist on things by adding salt, sour cream, chilli flakes and coriander. Squeeze some lime over it all, and voila!

Smoked aubergines with miso

If you haven’t tried it yet, miso and aubergine make a superb combo. Slice your aubergine in strips and let it marinade in miso for an hour or so before cooking. Then, simply grill and serve with chopped spring onion sprinkled on top.

Courgette lollies

This one is great for the younger vegetarians. Cut your courgettes in small chunks and marinade with Thai sweet chilli sauce. They make a great BBQ side or a snack for the kiddies to munch on while they wait for the rest of their meal.

Spiced paneer with naan

Most folks love an Indian meal, so why not try it out on the grill? Marinade your paneer in Indian spices, like turmeric and cumin, and coconut milk, then pop on the BBQ. Once it’s ready, serve with tasty naan, mango chutney and fresh salad.