Split image of different kinds of fuel including wood and coal

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solid Fuels

If you don’t want to rely on conventional energy suppliers to heat your home or cook your meals, you should invest in either bottled gas or a solid fuel (such as coal or logs). Both gases and solid fuels can generate large amounts of thermal energy. Either type of fuel can be used to warm your home, cook your meals and even heat your water. But which should you choose? Here at London Gases, we understand that bottled gases and solid fuels have different advantages and disadvantages. As a result, there are several factors you should consider when choosing between them.

1. Storage

The first thing you need to think about is how you will store your chosen fuel. Calor gas bottles and other forms of bottled gas take up very little space. Gas is a very efficient fuel and each canister contains a bountiful quantity. Ergo, if you opt for gas, you can store enough fuel to last several weeks, even if you don’t have very much space. However, because it is highly flammable, gas can be dangerous if it is stored incorrectly. In contrast, solid fuels often require a lot of storage space but aren’t as volatile as gases. If you don’t have a huge amount of space but are confident you can store gas cylinders safely, we recommend choosing bottled gas. However, if you aren’t sure you can safely store gas but you have some extra space, solid fuels are a better option.

2. Energy requirements

It doesn’t take much gas to generate a great deal of energy. Solid fuels like logs tend to be a little less efficient. If you need a lot of thermal energy to keep your home warm, heat your water and cook your meals, gas is usually the best option. However, if your energy requirements are more moderate, you may wish to opt for a solid fuel option. It’s worth noting that solid fuel options can be cheaper if you don’t need to buy too much fuel, which makes them an attractive solution for households with minimal energy needs.

3. Personal preference

Solid fuels may not be as efficient as gas, but they do have an undeniable aesthetic charm. They also produce lovely aromas when burnt. If you just need a functional, efficient fuel, you may wish to choose gas. However, if you want something a little more quaint and charming, solid fuels are better.

By weighing up the three factors we’ve given in today’s blog entry, you should be able to choose between solid fuel and bottled gas. We sell both here at London Gases, so take a look at our range as soon as you’ve made your choice.